Acacia removed in Kampar Peninsula after inaction by pulp giant

“Don’t even try to commit any peat violations. Also, don’t expect any tolerance from the ministry. There will be absolutely no room for compromise in this matter.”

Sanction imposed on APRIL for 2016 peat fires yet to be lifted

“This sanction is still in force and has yet to be lifted. There is still one more condition that has yet to be met by PT RAPP.”

Caught red-handed, APP company orders an end to burned peat replanting

When this important finding was uncovered, a top executive of PT BAP who was present at the scene immediately ordered his team to stop the development of the burned peat...

Most NGOs react strongly to poor level of paper giant’s legal compliance

“The mere fact that there were massive peat fires in 2015 in APP concessions indicates the failure of the FCP. Moreover, the replanting of burned peat shows that APP’s FCP actually involves..."

Symbolic removal of acacia marks new era of peat-related law enforcement

“This was not a sudden move on the ministry’s part. In fact, we gave the company two whole months to comply with our minister’s order. However, they never took any real action.”

NGO coalition raises concerns about bureaucracy, ministry responds with evidence

...any pertinent concerns about the acceleration of peat restoration should be directed at those behind the delay in the completion of the peat restoration plan.

Pulp giant company returns permit after uncontrolled peat fires exposed

“Did APP simply return the permit and afterwards neglect any responsibility it has towards peat restoration after the peat fires in the PT BMH concession?"

Second video reemphasizes untrue claims unhelpful in preventing peat fires

This second video from the ministry indicates that no real peat restoration interventions on the ground were undertaken by the peat agency over the course of last year in 2015’s burned peatland areas.

Peat agency falls short of professional standards by failing to cite key data source

“The peat agency needs to be fair and honest. It is obligatory for data sources to be provided, no matter what the publication, both in a legal sense and in terms of the principles of good governance."

Photos of 2015’s burned peat in pulp giant concessions reinforce President’s warning

President Joko Widodo emphasized that when it comes to law enforcement, there is absolutely no room for compromise on issues related to forest and land fires.

Video reveals threat of peat fires from targeted peat restoration areas

“The ground checks conducted by the ministry were intended to confirm the level of peat restoration interventions claimed by the peat agency in anticipation of peat fires in 2017..."

Environmental NGOs call on APP not to continue operations in drained peatlands

Mainly due to 2015's catastrophic fires, which largely derived from pulpwood concessions belonging to APP, a lot of pressure has been put on this pulp & paper company, including from environmental NGOs.

Govt cracks down on five more APP peat violators, bringing total to eight

The total number of APP companies ordered to remove all their newly-replanted acacia by the Indonesia's Environment and Forestry Minister, due to peat violations they have committed, now stands at eight.

Ministry criticizes peat agency’s misleading claims of ‘peat restoration interventions’

“Don’t give the wrong signals to the public. The peat agency should remember that it doesn’t need to show off by polishing its performance over 2016.”

Peat agency delivers zero action in hardest-hit concession, videos show

"...If PT BAP's concession, which contains the greatest area of burned peatlands, has been found not to have been touched for restoration by the peat agency, what about all the others?”

Benchmarks to evaluate peat agency’s performance defined

“Given that the annual peat restoration target in 2016 is unavailable, the evaluation instead focused on how many hectares have already been restored by the Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency...”

2016’s peat restoration efforts leave critical lessons learned

“Legally speaking, it has been very difficult to measure the peat agency’s performance this year, given that the legal documents for the 2016-2020 peat restoration plan have not been finalized by the agency."

Ground level facts at odds with APP company’s letter of request to ministry

The ground inspection revealed the facts to be completely different to what was mentioned in the APP’s letter of request, in that burned peatlands had already been cleared and replanted with acacia.

Customary forest within pulp giant concession granted to indigenous group

“We have got the ball rolling in terms of recognizing customary forests by starting with these nine customary forests which cover an area of over 13 thousand hectares...,” said the President.

Govt rejects Singapore-based company’s proposals on peat violations

“The findings of the legal analysis and ground checks performed by the ministry clearly prove that PT RAPP has perpetrated peat violations. As such, we rejected the APRIL company’s proposals."

Pulp giant replanting burned peat must face full force of law, urges frontline alliance

“We really hope that the APP companies exploiting last year’s burned peatlands face the full force of the law, both administrative and civil as well as criminal."

Ministry official refutes report alleging burned peat replanting authorized

“I need to emphasize that what has been reported by mongabay.com is legally and technically incorrect. The reporting by mongabay.com is not based on the letter that I sent to the APP companies concerned."

CSOs back govt’s law enforcement efforts against APP’s peat violations

Indonesia’s Minister of the Environment and Forestry has ordered three APP companies operating in OKI regency in South Sumatra province to remove all the acacia planted in last year’s burned peatlands...

Outgoing ambassador impressed by Jokowi’s climate change efforts

“The Jokowi administration has really impressed not only me but, I think, the world with its efforts at reform. I think the Jokowi administration with the President and Ibu Siti in front have made this..."

Two prominent NGOs disengage from APRIL’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Two key stakeholders of APRIL’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC), Greenpeace and the WWF, have announced that they are suspending their engagement with the committee...

No peat restoration efforts across APP’s supply chain, concludes ministry’s monitoring

“As of early December this year, the ministry’s monitoring has led to the conclusion that no peat restoration efforts have been carried out in APP’s pulpwood concessions."

Govt punishes APRIL’s business-as-usual practices in peatlands

“The new pulpwood plantation being developed must be restored. This is the responsibility of the company. A letter to this effect will be sent tomorrow to the owner of APRIL."

Minister highlights key points of revised peat regulation

Minister Siti Nurbaya said that the key feature of the revised peat regulation is the imposition of a moratorium on any new land clearing in peatlands...

President signs revised peat regulation, ending business-as-usual practices

“We should be extremely grateful for President Joko Widodo’s leadership in terms of peatland protection which has been nothing short of extraordinary..."

Largest NGO says APP peat fires deliberately set for replanting purposes

Indonesia’s largest environmental NGO has emphatically stated that last year's widespread peat fires in APP's pulpwood concessions were intentional. Proof of this lies in the fact that...

APP under the spotlight as another company found replanting burned peatlands

“The results of the ground-check at PT BMH once again show that seemingly there were no peat restoration efforts made in this concession, just like with PT BAP..."

Govt takes tough line against APP’s continual exploitation of burned peatlands

“The ground-check showed that this APP pulpwood company continues to carry out land preparation and replanting of acacia in last year’s burned peatlands..."

Indonesian authorities reject APP landscape conservation

“Our ministry has made an official determination that APP’s landscape conservation is inconsistent with the country’s forestry and environmental laws and regulations."

Google Earth images demonstrate true extent of burned peatlands in pulp giant's concessions

...not all the peatlands burned in the Sinarmas Forestry pulpwood concessions in South Sumatra province last year are covered in the existing indicative map of burned peatlands.

Pulp giant company's work plan annulled due to plantation expansion in Kampar Peninsula landscape

Indonesia's Ministry of the Environment and Forestry immediately annuled the APRIL company’s 10-year work plan as the new expansion of acacia plantation blocks...

APRIL company’s newly-emerged work plan surprises NGOs but faces threat of cancellation

“If there are proven to be deviations in the legal substance of this work plan, it will be immediately cancelled. A decision based on the outcome of our verification process..."

Indonesian peatland restoration indicative map issued, covering 35 times the size of Singapore

“This peatland restoration indicative map is a concrete manifestation of President Jokowi’s great commitment to restoring last year's burned peatlands as well as saving existing peat domes."

SAC members ask APRIL to put Indonesian government decisions into action

WWF and Greenpeace have declared that APRIL must abide by the decisions made by the Indonesian government in the wake of the peatland violations...

APRIL in flagrant violation of its own sustainability policy, according to CSO coalition

"Of course we cannot accept what APRIL is doing. It is trying to use its 10-year work plan as a scapegoat for justifying violations committed by itself of its own sustainability policy."

APRIL subsidiary’s concession suspended as authorities await revised work plan

"The decision to provisionally suspend the operations of the APRIL pulpwood concession on Pulau Padang has been made. It will be in effect while we wait for the map on..."

APRIL proven to have misled the public regarding serious peatland violations

"We once regret the actions of APRIL in trying to mislead the public by claiming that their annual work plan was authorized by the government. This is blatantly misleading..."

Landscape level peat restoration to begin this year, says Peat Agency Chief

“This landscape level peat restoration consists of several concessions located in an extensive peat landscape, especially those under the control of one business group, which were afflicted by huge peat fires."

Asia Pulp & Paper denial shown to be false

In contradiction of the denial issued by APP stating that PT BMH is not a subsidiary of APP or the Sinarmas Forestry group, legal documents show that the company is indeed a subsidiary of the Sinarmas group.

Sinarmas Forestry company found guilty of unlawful conduct by High Court over peat fires

“At the very least, the decision of the Palembang High Court is appreciated because it declares that PT BMH did commit an unlawful act related to forest fires."

Ministry begins law enforcement phase against major APRIL supplier

As June entered its fourth week, Ministry of the Environment and Forestry began the law enforcement phase with respect to the harvesting carried out by APRIL major supplier while the company’s permit suspension...

Agreement with APRIL company cancelled by Forestry Minister due to irregularities

Indonesia's Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Dr Siti Nurbaya, has decided to cancel a cooperation agreement between the Ministry's Riau Conservation Agency and the APRIL company...

Environmental group downplays effectiveness of peat agency

“If we place all our hopes with the peat agency, that would mean we are relying on technical issues that clearly are not going to solve the problem of peatland destruction..."

CSO network demands total end to pulpwood concession operations in peat domes

The CSO network reaffirmed that peat domes must be liberated from all operations of pulpwood plantations. These operations, it asserts, must be stopped completely without delay...

Peat agency lacks the guts to deal with pulpwood concessions, according to head of CSO

“We have seen consistently that the peat agency doesn’t have the guts to deal with these matters. As a result, it prefers to focus on peat restoration efforts outside of the concession areas.”

WWF urges peat agency to ensure companies refrain from replanting acacia in peatlands

“The peat agency not only needs to encourage reforms at the regulatory level, but it also needs to urge pulpwood companies to refrain from any more replanting of acacia in peatlands after harvesting has been completed..."

Greenpeace calls for peatlands in protection zones to be liberated from pulpwood concessions

“After harvesting has taken place in peatlands which are incorporated into protection zones, the pulpwood concessions operating there must be taken over by the government..."

NGO executive urges prioritization of efforts to fill up canals in peat domes

“The government needs to prioritize its efforts to fill up all canals found in peat domes in which acacia and palm oil plantations are operating and stop all operations in these peat domes.”

Potential long-term fiber supply shortage is APP’s business, says Forestry Minister

“What I’d like to make clear is that my ministry doesn’t have any kind of deal with APP to cover potential gaps in its long-term fiber supply plans should such gaps materialize at a later stage..."

Claim of ‘unauthorized activity’ by APRIL baseless, NGO concludes

“This claim of ‘unauthorized activity’ has been fabricated to conceal the company’s negligence with respect to its responsibilities. In actual fact, they (APRIL’s supplier) intentionally committed these violations.”

APRIL’s claim of 'unauthorized activity' makes no sense according to CSO alliance

“APRIL’s explanation doesn’t make any sense. Even if a company has its permit suspended, it is not allowed to simply relinquish all responsibility for the control of its concession area. How is it possible that..."

Ministry requests detailed explanation of APRIL’s claim of 'unauthorized activity'

“We will be sending a letter to APRIL's supplier requesting a detailed explanation of what is meant by 'unauthorized activity', including an explanation about certain developments stemming from its report..."

NGOs still not convinced by APP’s long-term fiber supply plans

A newly-released report by 12 international and Indonesian NGOs continues to request clarity as to the long-term fiber supply plans of Asia Pulp and Paper (APP)'s existing and new mills.

Indonesian Environment Minister reprimands Singapore for comments

Indonesia's Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, has reminded her colleague, the Singaporean Minister of the Environment, that he should refrain from making too many comments about Indonesia with regard to land and forest fire issues.

Operations of another APRIL supplier suspended over forest fires

Indonesia's Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, has suspended the operations of PT Rimba Lazuardi (RL), one of APRIL’s long-term suppliers located in Sumatra's Riau province, as the company...

Pulp and paper industry warned away from community plantation forest program

The Secretary General of Indonesia's Ministry of the Environment and Forestry, Bambang Hendroyono, has said that the community plantation forest program is in no way intended to meet the shortfall in plantation fiber for pulp and paper...

APP breaches its commitment to transparency, local CSO concludes

APP’s plan to ramp up the annual production capacity of its new OKI mill from 2 million to 2.8 million tons constitutes a violation of the company’s commitment to transparency in implementing its forest conservation policy...

New APP mill must avoid deforestation, Greenpeace warns

"The plan to boost the annual production capacity of the OKI mill must comply with the committments already made by APP as part of its forest conservation policy," Yuyun Indradi, Greenpeace Indonesia spokeperson, told foresthints.news......


WWF concerned APP will revert to old ways

"We are not convinced that the raw material supply for the OKI mill will be sufficient. Even before it was announced that the annual production capacity of the new APP mill would be increased, we already had serious doubts...


Indonesian govt freezes concession license of major APRIL supplier, half the size of Singapore

In the middle of November 2015, the Indonesia's Minister of the Environment and Forestry froze the license of a large concession block belonging to a major supplier of APRIL, totaling more than 38,000 hectares...


APP removes conservation masterplan from website

On 10 February 2016, Indonesian Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, wrote to Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) to request that the company refrain from featuring the ministry’s logo and a foreword from...

2016-02-17RAN: Two main things needed for APP to win marketplace trust2016-02-17

RAN: Two main things needed for APP to win marketplace trust

APP fails the grade, according to Forest Peoples Programme
A major question continues to hang over Asia Pulp and Paper (APP)’s long-term wood supply as the commencement of its new paper mill’s operations in Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) in South Sumatra draws nearer...


APP fails the grade, according to Forest Peoples Programme

Three years after the launch of APP's Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) – which was introduced at the beginning of February 2013 – the company’s lack of progress in implementing the policy continues...

Minister demands that APP remove ministry logo from conservation masterplan

Indonesia’s Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, has written to Asia Pulp and Paper (APP)'s Managing Director of Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement, Aida Greenbury, demanding that...

APP stresses three priorities for new mill’s fiber supply

APP continues to face questions from CSOs and international observers about the long-term fiber supply to its new OKI mill in South Sumatra, which is set to be the largest in Asia with an expected pulp production...

APP says it respects government decision to suspend suppliers and vows to improve supplier practices

In an anniversary event to mark three years of implementation of APP's Forest Conservation Policy, one of the key issues raised was the 2015 land and forest fires that burned vast areas of land on APP-linked concessions...

CSO coalition raises serious questions over long-term security of fiber supply for new APP mill

The long-term fiber supply for one of the largest pulp mills to have ever been developed by APP, which is due to commence operations in the middle of this year has been called into question. An analysis by...

CSOs respond to Indonesian pulp and paper industry’s demand for special treatment

The Indonesian pulp and paper industry has asked the Indonesian government for various additional facilities, such as tax holiday and a relaxation of the regulatory regime...

Jokowi keeps his promise to take over burned areas located in forestry concessions

President Jokowi has kept his promise to the public of taking over areas scorched by the massive fires that burned forests and other land in 2015, in particular those areas situated throughout forestry concessions...