January 30, 2020
WWF reacts after agreement ended, ministry counters

“Is it permissible for WWF to make work plans unilaterally, then raise funds from this and work beyond the boundaries of the joint written agreement? The answer to this is obviously a big no. Nonetheless, these practices have been carried out by WWF for years."
January 28, 2020
Law enforcement still effective in orangutan capital of world

In fact, the robustness of the uniquely vast peat forest block demonstrates that a series of law enforcement moves made by Minister Nurbaya, aimed at the forests’ preservation, have proven to be remarkably effective.
January 23, 2020
Crucial messages delivered to WWF Spore on 2019’s fires, haze

"WWF Singapore needs to be aware that PT ABT, which is under the control of WWF Indonesia, is currently required to restore areas in its concession burned in 2019 within 90 working days..."
January 20, 2020
Minister responds to new WEF Global Risks Report

Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya says that President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo made several concrete moves to protect biodiversity months before the publication of a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) warning about the risk of global biodiversity loss.
January 13, 2020
Carbon concession linked to fires sealed off

"The level of susceptibility to fires is fairly high in the RMU concession, whereas the ability to cope with fires in this concession, especially with regard to facilities and infrastructure, still does not meet full legal compliance."
January 8, 2020
Sumatran tiger action plan for next 10 years being finalized

The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry is finalizing a strategy and action plan for the conservation of the Sumatran tiger from 2020-2029 which is due to be completed by no later than the end of June this year.
January 6, 2020
Minister: Co-habitat for flagship species still mostly intact

"The wildlife reserve continues to play an effective role as a co-habitat for Sumatran orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos in a peat forest ecosystem which forms one of Indonesia’s main conservation sites."
December 27, 2019
Forestry and environmental issues to dominate in 2020

2020 marks the fifth year since the establishment of foresthints.news, and we will continue to strive to present news reports based on legal, policy and technical aspects, as well as hard evidence.
December 19, 2019
Govt prioritizing environmental recovery in new capital

"Nobody, including Al Gore, needs to worry about anything as the new capital is being developed, at every stage, in adherence to the theme of environmental recovery,” Minister Nurbaya pointed out.
December 16, 2019
Minister focuses on demographic bonus for environment

Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya has delivered a speech by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo essentially focusing on the fact that Indonesia's population is increasingly dominated by citizens of a productive age who have to care more about the environment.
December 13, 2019
Al Gore urged to learn from two sealed Cargill concessions

In response to a speech made by former US Vice President Al Gore on Indonesia’s 2019 forest and land fires at an Indonesia Pavilion event at COP 25 Madrid, the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry had advised him to learn from the sealing of two Cargill palm oil concessions due to fires.
December 12, 2019
UNEP slides on Indonesia’s burned areas now irrelevant

>The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry has asserted that UNEP presentation slides (Dec 4) which quote a CIFOR report (Dec 2) in discussing the extent of 2019’s forest and land fires have automatically lost their relevance...
December 6, 2019
CIFOR slammed by authorities for premature analysis

The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry has concluded that the findings of an analysis published by CIFOR on the extent and distribution of the forests and land burned this year are premature.
December 5, 2019
Govt to crack down on misleading wildlife fund-raising campaigns

In early 2020, the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry will start taking firm action against individuals, groups and organizations that conduct fund-raising campaigns which exploit key Indonesian wildlife species and deceive the public.
December 3, 2019
Assessment of unburned Bornean orangutan habitat required

It is also critical to look at data on exactly how much Bornean orangutan habitat did not get burned so that a misleading impression of the impact of the fires on the Bornean orangutan’s habitat can be avoided.
November 29, 2019
Minister: Direct comparisons of forest fire emissions misguided

“It’s obviously hard to make direct comparisons between emissions from fires in Indonesia and those from the Brazilian Amazon, especially given the differences in vegetation and other natural factors."
November 25, 2019
Community-based carbon credit schemes legally possible

If these targets are met, it would mean that the area granted to social forestry and land reform programs for the benefit of communities will cover an area almost 195 times the size of Singapore by 2024.
November 21, 2019
79% of Indonesia's priority targets linked to MoEF

“More than half of the ministry's budget in 2020 has been allocated to cover efforts in accelerating the realization of 79% of the national program priorities next year."
November 14, 2019
Carbon credit arrangements to be finalized: Minister

“The President emphasized that the arrangements on carbon credit and trading have been assigned to me (as the authorized minister according to the relevant laws and regulations). As such, previous efforts will be continued and finalized in this period."
November 11, 2019
Haze-causing fires ongoing in APP concession

PT BMH, a controversial pulpwood concession controlled by Asia Pulp and Paper (APP Sinarmas), has frequently been the source of serious haze-causing peat fires. This year is no exception.
November 6, 2019
Govt: RSPO should question its own effectiveness

RSPO should assess its effectiveness as the sustainable palm oil certifying body, given that more than half of the palm oil concessions sealed by the authorities this year due to haze-causing fires burning within them are RSPO members.
November 4, 2019
CIFOR DG: Key efforts needed to sustain momentum on peat, forests

The Director General of the CIFOR Robert Nasi told foresthints.news in a recent discussion that efforts undertaken and still underway in the field of forestry and peatlands in Indonesia need to be continued and strengthened.
October 31, 2019
Indonesian minister slices up APRIL concession for new capital

“I have reported this real progress to the President through an official letter (Oct 18) and also discussed it in person. The part of the PT ITCI concession to be used for the new capital does not consist of blocks that conflict with third parties."
October 1, 2019
Action plan for orangutans revoked for upgrade

A recently-published Indonesian strategy and action plan for orangutan conservation was legally revoked by Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya because its substance needs to be upgraded...
September 25, 2019
Injured Tapanuli orangutan continues to recover

"All of these efforts must go hand in hand. The intensive treatment of the injured orangutan and a comprehensive investigation. These are two key orders from our minister."
September 22, 2019
Spreading peat fires in APP concession causing haze

There is a set of undeniable evidence that peat fires within and around a pulpwood plantation concession (PT WKS) owned by Asia Pulp and Paper (APP/Sinarmas) have been escalating...
September 19, 2019
US NGO: WWF concession should be sealed permanently

“The government intervention here is necessary. The concession should remain sealed permanently. We’ve done a big investigation into PT ABT. Mega problems remain there..."
September 17, 2019
WWF company, govt deliver stances on sealed concession

The Indonesian forestry authorities reaffirmed that the legal process underway against the WWF concession is due to violations in the implementation of its obligations...
September 16, 2019
Authorities respond to Sime Darby and IOI denials

"The sealing of a burned location is part of the law enforcement process. We will apply multi-layered law enforcement, at the administrative, civil and criminal levels. This process continues."
September 14, 2019
WWF concession sealed due to forest, land fires

The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry sealed a WWF-Indonesia ecosystem restoration concession (PT ABT) yesterday (Sep 13) due to the company's inability to prevent forest and land fires at its concession...
September 13, 2019
Malaysian concessions at fault for fires and haze sealed

A number of Malaysian palm oil companies have been sealed by the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry because of on-the-ground evidence of their failure to prevent forest and land fires in their concessions...
September 9, 2019
RI: Malaysia’s transboundary haze complaints unacceptable

“This is the second time that Malaysian authorities have been shouting about transboundary haze coming into their territory from Indonesia, but this information simply isn’t true. This time it's just the same."
September 2, 2019
CIFOR applauds President Jokowi’s moves

“One can only conclude that during the five years of the Joko Widodo administration, and under Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya, more has been achieved for the future of Indonesian forests than..."
August 27, 2019
BRG revitalizing livelihoods from burned peatlands

“The development of these rice fields forms part of the peat agency’s revitalization program for local livelihoods based on sustainable practices in 2015’s burned peatlands."
August 16, 2019
Protection forests removed from moratorium map

...there is a lot of evidence showing that parts of conservation areas and protection forests had their legal status changed by the previous administration to be used for logging, mining and palm oil permits.
August 12, 2019
Special envoy: Permanent forest moratorium a fantastic move

"To my knowledge, Indonesia is the first country to come up with such a strong policy. Many people don’t yet understand the significance of the permanent moratorium policy..."
ugust 8, 2019
WRI: Indonesian permanent forest moratorium a huge step

“The fact that it is now a permanent moratorium, encompassing a ban on new permits, is a huge step in the right direction which will ensure the conservation and preservation of Indonesia’s intact forests and peatlands."
August 5, 2019
Indonesian permanent forest moratorium signed

Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya stated that President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has signed a 5-page order for a permanent moratorium which ends the provision of new permits in primary forests and peatlands...
July 16, 2019
Moratorium unlocked to return palm oil concession to national park

The relatively intact peat forests in the palm oil concession ideally need to be maintained so that they remain connected to the Sebangau National Park’s peat forest landscape which is home to between 6,000 and 9,000 Bornean orangutans.
July 11, 2019
Minister highlights growth in Sumatran tiger population

In her speech at the Opening Session of the 9th Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity in Norway, Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya, among other things, raised the issue of the increasing population of Sumatran tigers...
July 4, 2019
Photos display Batang Toru dam construction progress

“Our minister has repeatedly stressed that the monitoring process must continue on the ground as there is no compromise when it comes to the potential extinction of the Tapanuli orangutan."
July 1, 2019
Minister details permanent moratorium on primary forest, peat

Minister Nurbaya pointed out that the efforts to make this permanent moratorium - which covers in excess of 66 million hectares, equivalent to more than 21 times the size of Belgium - possible are an example of President Jokowi’s strong commitment to forest and peat protection.
June 26, 2019
Indonesia, global superpower for Bornean orangutans

When it comes to ensuring that the critically-endangered Bornean orangutan doesn’t face extinction, Indonesia undeniably remains a global superpower, as evidenced by the case of Sebangau National Park.
June 24, 2019
Govt ramps up efforts to protect Tapanuli orangutans

Indonesian Ministry of the Environment and Forestry sent an official letter to the North Sumatra Environment Agency detailing new directions derived from a ground-based verification undertaken in April 2019.
June 10, 2019
Orangutan forest update relevant to Greenpeace

This update will certainly be of great relevance to Greenpeace which campaigned against illegal logging in the MPK logging concession around WED 2018, as the NGO considered this a major threat to the survival of...
April 11, 2019
Govt efforts dramatically reduce haze in last three years

The scale of peat fires in Indonesia has been reduced dramatically, by more than 90%, over the past three years compared to the catastrophic level of peat fires in 2015. This represents a real achievement of the leadership of President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo.
March 20, 2019
Tapanuli orangutan not a legal monitoring parameter

Bank of China must be aware that the legal document used as the basis for environmental monitoring (RPL) by PT NSHE, the Batang Toru hydroelectric project developer, does not include any monitoring whatsoever of the Tapanuli orangutans.
March 14, 2019
Batang Toru dam project review results eagerly awaited

Bank of China, in its capacity as the hydroelectric project’s source of funding, needs to address the minister's letter to PT NSHE which proves that the project’s AMDAL document affords no comprehensive protection to the Tapanuli orangutans and their habitat.
December 14, 2018
Evidence complements ministerial letter to WWF company

These illegal logging operations in the habitat of the Sumatran tiger habitat within the boundary of the second block of the PT ABT concession were happening while this part of the concession was yet to be covered in the company’s 10-year work plan.
December 10, 2018
Govt considers sanctioning WWF-controlled company

“This objective (of acting as a buffer zone) has obviously been hard to achieve effectively seeing that PT ABT has yet to revise its 10-year work plan and hasn’t completed its annual work plans..."
December 3, 2018
Causes of land cover changes in orangutan stronghold discovered

The Indonesian Ministry of the Environment and Forestry has completed its ground-based assessment concerning minor land cover changes in a logging concession (PT MPK) which constitutes a major part of the Sungai Putri landscape...
November 30, 2018
Orangutans still at home in Sungai Putri landscape

This is thanks to the fact that the majority of the concession’s land cover at present still consists of relatively intact peat forests, accounting for the equivalent of 30 thousand football fields, or more than 80% of the total concession...
November 19, 2018
Peat domes to sugarcane -- major supply chains linked

A sugarcane plantation complex incorporating extensive peat protection zones (peat domes) lying in one of Indonesia’s peat restoration priority regencies has been under continuous development by a joint venture company...
November 1, 2018
Ministry cancels one-day old agreement with WWF

The revoked agreement covered the working area of the ministry's Papua Natural Resources Conservation Agency, spanning the equivalent of more than 7.6 million football fields spread across one city and 9 regencies in the province of Papua.
October 8, 2018
Palm oil expansion goes on, review crucial

The evaluation of permits for existing concessions in areas with good forest cover is one of the instruments of the President’s palm oil moratorium. However, the longer it takes for such evaluations to be performed...
October 1, 2018
Palm oil moratorium puts spotlight on existing permit

"The sold GenP concession is one of the existing palm oil concessions that technically meets the criteria to be evaluated, with reference to the content of the President's palm oil expansion moratorium."
September 26, 2018
New photos show Tapanuli orangutans on the move

Two Tapanuli orangutans that fled about 7 kilometers from the site of an ongoing hydroelectric power plant project in North Sumatra's Batang Toru Ecosystem have been successfully photographed by...
September 24, 2018
Greenpeace report exposes impact of permits from SBY regime

A review confirms that nearly 100% of the deforestation and peat ecosystem destruction in Papua and West Papua provinces is due to permits granted by the forestry ministry during the decade-long SBY administration (2004-2014).
September 21, 2018
Minister underlines key points of new palm oil moratorium

“The ongoing clearing of good forest cover to make way for the development of new palm oil plantations, especially over the last four years, has almost exclusively taken place in concessions whose permits were granted by the SBY..."
September 19, 2018
Minister sends letter to Batang Toru hydroelectric company

Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya has sent a letter to PT NSHE, the company responsible for North Sumatra’s Batang Toru hydroelectric power project, asking it to create an addendum as a form of...
September 7, 2018
Order delivered to ensure no extinction of Tapanuli Orangutan

“Our minister’s order, which is clear and non-negotiable, states that the Tapanuli orangutans in the Batang Toru Ecosystem must never be allowed to become extinct."
September 5, 2018
Batang Toru hydroelectric project subject to continuous monitoring

"Unless the Batang Toru Ecosystem is protected, the hydroelectric power project is not going to go forward as expected by the company. This is because the operations involved are very dependent on the area’s water catchment level..."
August 30, 2018
Fire spot in Sungai Putri logging concession put out

Using NASA Active Fire Data (MODIS), a single fire spot has been detected in the logging concession PT MPK which is situated in West Kalimantan's Ketapang regency and forms a habitat for the critically-endangered Bornean orangutan...
August 26, 2018
MoEF declares Laman Mining as a corporate suspect

“Yes, I have received a report from my Law Enforcement Director General stating that PT Laman Mining has been announced as a corporate suspect. I have been observing this case closely since May (this year)..."
August 24, 2018
Sanction put in place against Saratoga palm oil company

A strict sanction has been imposed on PT Surya Panen Subur (SPS-2), a palm oil company whose concession lies in part of the Leuser Ecosystem, following an instruction from Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya...
August 14, 2018
Minister sanctions palm oil company in Leuser Ecosystem

Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya has decided to impose a strict sanction on PT Surya Panen Subur (SPS-2) - which operates in the Tripa peat swamps, part of the Leuser Ecosystem...
August 8, 2018
Govt sends letter asking WRI to correct false GFW data

"Spatial analysis is part of my field of expertise. It is clearly harmful to use misleading spatial data to profile a country. In fact, this is a totally irresponsible move on the part of the WRI."
July 19, 2018
Freeport disregards former President Megawati’s order

Freeport’s perpetual violations over many years, by conducting operations in protection forests without a permit, should be one of the key concerns to emerge from the recent signing of a heads of agreement concerning...
July 17, 2018
Freeport sanction still valid despite heads of agreement

A strict environmental sanction imposed on Freeport by the Indonesian Ministry of the Environment and Forestry last year remains valid and has not been lifted following the recent signing of a heads of agreement...
July 13, 2018
Minister confirms GFW map inaccuracies, WRI promises corrections

“The WRI has used highly inaccurate data derived from GFW, which proved to be unsupported by ground-checks. It has then gone on to profile Indonesia as the third biggest country in terms of tropical tree cover loss..."
July 11, 2018
Decision taken by peat agency over MoU with RSPO

A review conducted by the Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) concerning an MoU it signed with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has resulted in a decision to put this MoU on hold...
July 9, 2018
Peat agency signs MoU with RSPO, deprioritizing ISPO

...the Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) signed an MoU with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in a move that undermines the President's directive. In doing this, the peat agency has neglected...
July 5, 2018
Certain companies yet to submit peat recovery documents

For palm oil business groups controlling certain companies which have yet to prepare and submit peat recovery legal documents to the ministry, this is tantamount to their sustainability policy not meeting the standards...
July 2, 2018
RSPO, TFT members still sourcing from peat burner

...there is still time to see how the RSPO and TFT members react in the wake of the Supreme Court verdict. Their decisions could act as a key lesson learned with respect to their efforts to clean up their supply chains.
June 29, 2018
Serious dataset errors undermine claim of support from Norway

The ministry reaffirmed that among the approved peat recovery legal documents for almost 300 forestry and palm oil concessions, there were none at all that use datasets derived from the Norwegian-funded LiDAR mapping.
June 23, 2018
Indonesian authorities refute Greenpeace orangutan claim

“Unsurprisingly, Greenpeace chose not to mention in its press release how many hectares have been affected by illegal logging in the PT MPK concession, seeing that this number is actually very small..."
June 21, 2018
Govt approves company’s new work plan, peat forest draining stopped

“The still predominant peat forests spread within the peat protection zone in PT MSL’s concession which have not yet been developed, may in fact no longer be developed into new acacia plantations."
June 18, 2018
Minister brands EU palm oil phase-out deal a misstep

“The phasing-out of palm oil in order to meet the EU’s renewable energy target, despite being pushed back to 2030, is clearly a misplaced move which also sends a bad signal to many other sectors in the world economy."
June 11, 2018
Company seen doing nothing to end Leuser peat violation

The ministry's initial legally-based ground investigation concluded that there are strong indications that the palm oil company PT SPS-2 has done nothing to prevent peat violations occurring in its concession.
June 8, 2018
Greenpeace remains quiet about new peat ecosystem drainage

It should be equally relevant for Greenpeace to disclose the new peat ecosystem drainage practices carried out by a company controlled by APP in its South Sumatra pulpwood concession.
June 7, 2018

Minister takes next move to stop peat violations in Leuser

“The primary instruction from our minister is to take immediate law enforcement measures. This is the second layer after the first layer has already been done by her writing to the Aceh governor requesting that the peat violations be stopped."
June 1, 2018

Investigation provides Bornean orangutan landscape update

The on-site monitoring reinforces the findings of the ministry report, in that no new canal development was discovered, in particular that which destroys peat forests as was previously done by the company...
May 21, 2018

Peat agency calls for APP immediate restoration measures

“The peat ecosystem development (in the PT BMH concession), in particular the construction of new canals resulting in the drainage of the peat ecosystem, must be stopped without delay.”
May 9, 2018

More photos display violations by palm oil company

Aceh governor Irwandi Yusuf has been asked to immediately terminate the ongoing operations of PT Kallista Alam. These operations involve peat violations, in the form of the construction of kilometers of new canals...
May 7, 2018

Violations by companies in Tripa peat swamps exposed

Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya has presented evidence that two palm oil companies have committed recent peat violations in the Tripa peat swamp forest landscape...
May 3, 2018

Minister intensifies crackdown on illicit practices in Leuser reserve

“I have written to the Governor of Aceh requesting him to enhance the supervision of local officials who are implicated in encroachment and illegal logging in parts of the wildlife reserve."
April 24, 2018

Minister highlights lack of substance in biased news report

...the message to the global public conveyed by the Reuters news report is not only technically and legally fragmented but also disregards ongoing efforts on the part of President Joko Widodo's administration...
April 6, 2018

Photos portray latest situation in Sungai Putri landscape

The prevention of the clearing of the logging concession’s peat forests, and the reason why these forests remain relatively intact, is thanks to a newly-revised government regulation signed by President Joko Widodo...

RAN reacts strongly to palm oil company initiative

“PT ABN's latest comments about the need to restore the home range of the local herd of elephants is a position that the company needed to hold in June 2016 when it accelerated deforestation instead of halting clearance..."

USD21.7 million channeled to governors for peat restoration

The Indonesian Ministry of the Environment and Forestry has channeled more than USD21.71 million in state funds to the seven governors whose provinces are designated as peat restoration priority provinces.

Aerial photos confirm misleading nature of WRI-coordinated mapping

It is not surprising that the LiDAR mapping team, under the coordination of the WRI as well as under the advisory of the Indonesian Peat Agency (BRG) and funded by the Norwegian government, recently produced a misleading...

New work plan of APRIL’s largest supplier approved

After having a strict sanction imposed on it for carrying out peat violations in late December last year, PT SRL, APRIL’s largest acacia supplier, finally had its revised work plan officially approved...

33% of new palm oil concessions made up of peat ecosystems

Measuring in total the equivalent of 58 thousand soccer fields, 33% of these three new palm oil concessions consists of peat ecosystems, according to the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry’s peat ecosystem map.

Four new palm oil permits issued across Papua region

...in the event that a legal basis underpinning the palm oil expansion moratorium is issued, concessions which consist of good forest cover - whether from new palm oil permits or old ones - would remain objects for evaluation.

Still only 40% of pulpwood companies have work plans approved

The 33 pulpwood companies whose work plans have been approved still only make up around 40% of the 87 companies required to revise their work plans to be brought into alignment with the new peat regulations.

USD43 million of peat agency budget unspent

The Indonesian peat agency (BRG) has revealed itself to be unable use up this allocated state funds, with an unspent budget of roughly USD43 million representing a sizeable amount of money.

APRIL's work plan approved after alignment with new peat regulations

“After going through a very strict process, especially after the Jakarta State Court decision, the new work plan of PT RAPP was finally approved this week. Its substance is now aligned with the new peat regulations."

Peat agency to fix LiDAR-based land cover misclassification

“Adjustments to the legends of the LiDAR-based land cover classifications will be made immediately by referring to legal maps of the expanse of 2015’s burned peat areas."

APRIL submits proposed new work plan, gaps still exist

“In some parts of PT RAPP's proposed revised work plan content, progress can be seen. However, some other parts still need specific corrections, both legally and technically."

APRIL taught legal lesson by court defeat

At the conclusion of the court case, the sitting judges rejected the three requests in the APRIL company's petition, all of which were related to APRIL's opposition to the minister's move to accelerate the approval of a new work plan...

Peat agency’s letter contradicts legal facts signed by President

In fact, the land cover classification in the WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping directly contradicts the explanatory section of the newly-revised government regulation on peat protection and management, which was signed by President Joko Widodo...

Ninth letter sent to speed up APRIL’s work plan approval

The minister's letter is the ninth such letter addressed to the APRIL company since May, all of which have been related to the ministry's efforts to ensure the APRIL company's 2017-2026 work plan is properly aligned with the new peat regulations....

APRIL’s largest supplier still committing peat violations

A ground-based inspection carried out by the ministry proved APRIL’s largest supplier’s practice of buying time by revealing how the company is still operating without a peat recovery plan...

WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping disregards new peat regulations

...The land cover classification derived from the WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping essentially eliminates any ecological urgency for efforts aimed at the recovery of 2015’s burned peat areas.

Sanction against Chevron for environmental violations maintained

“The strict sanction against Chevron was intended to ensure that its operations are at a level of full legal compliance. This forms part of the ministry’s efforts to make sure the corporate sector is operating on the right legal track."

Minister cracks down on Freeport for environmental violations

“Freeport has been proven to have committed six categories of environmental violations, encompassing 48 separate items of violation. I have reported this to the President and he gave a clear order saying that Freeport must meet the terms of legal compliance."

Ground-check proves errors in WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping

These ground-check findings prove that a detailed analysis based on LiDAR mapping funded by the Norwegian government and under the coordination of the World Resources Institute (WRI) is both legally and technically erroneous.

Zero evidence of burned peat in Padang Sugihan questionable

The classification of almost all of 2015’s burned peat areas in the Padang Sugihan Wildlife Reserve as secondary peat swamp forests, of even a high and medium density, by the WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping team plainly represents an example of biased land cover classification evidence.

Minister emphasizes necessity of unbiased LiDAR mapping

The Environment and Forestry Minister cautioned that any mapping tool, whatever its name and including LiDAR, should still refer to land cover changes on a time-series basis while also encompassing a review of the government's legally-defined historical evidence.

Google Earth images reveal flawed WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping

The WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping - now proven to have significantly trivialized the magnitude of 2015’s burned peat areas - is plainly at odds with the President’s main reason for forming the peat agency.

LiDAR analysis blunder viewable from trans-Kalimantan highway

In fact, the blunder made in classifying vegetation as a result of the LiDAR mapping, whose implementation was coordinated by the WRI, can be seen from the side of the trans-Kalimantan highway...

New evidence reinforces inaccuracy of WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping

The new evidence confirms that the WRI-coordinated LiDAR mapping in Pulang Pisau regency involved serious errors, chiefly by ignoring evidence of 2015’s burned peat forests...

Majority of peat restoration funds still unused

Regardless of the various claims made about its performance accomplishments, the facts show that the actual performance of the Indonesian Peat Agency (BRG), as of mid-November this year, remained very poor...

Peat agency LiDAR mapping omits evidence of burned peat forests

A Norwegian-funded LiDAR mapping initiative, whose implementation was coordinated by the WRI with the Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) as the main user of the maps it produced, led to a detailed but misleading analysis...

Norwegian embassy implicitly confirms Cargill concession lies in peatlands

The use of the term ‘detailed peat maps’ implies that all the areas covered by the peat agency's LiDAR mapping - whose financing is supported by the Norwegian government - are indeed composed of peat.

Govt shares photos of Cargill’s new plantations in peat ecosystem

"We are studying the Cargill company's peat recovery plan. (However) it is not legally relevant for the company to claim that its concession is not composed of peat at the current stage."

Cargill develops new plantations in peat ecosystem complex

Cargill palm oil company, PT Hindoli, has been proven to have developed new palm oil plantations, in particular before its concession was incorporated into the peat ecosystem map legally established by Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya...

Six APRIL suppliers now given warning letters

“Peat recovery has a legally clear mandate, so there is no reason to disrupt it or for it to be disrupted. We’ll keep going ahead with this."

Minister indicates dishonesty of APRIL’s management

“I indicated very clearly that there were signs of dishonesty from APRIL's management. There is a tendency from APRIL to manipulate information, including information given to the Vice President..."

Authorities send forceful warning letters to two APRIL suppliers

“We at the ministry continue to make sure that pulpwood and palm oil companies, including APRIL and its suppliers, have legally-approved peat recovery plans in place. Those companies which fail to comply will of course have strong and measurable sanctions imposed on them."

Link between children’s education and acacia planting exposed

“We want businesses to have a responsible attitude towards children’s education. They shouldn’t just be thinking about how many hectares of new acacia have been planted while they ignore the educational fate of the children...”

APRIL loses legal basis for operations due to non-compliance

...PT RAPP, a Singapore-based pulp and paper company belonging to APRIL, has ultimately had its existing 10-year work plan, along with its 2017 annual work plan, declared invalid as a legal basis for its on-the-ground operational activities.

APP companies show compliance, get work plans approved

“I have already reported this update to the President, and his support remains firm when it comes to continuing with the implementation of an improved peat governance policy.”

Govt: Full compliance still required from MPK logging company

“Nothing has changed. Our ministry continues to require full legal compliance from PT MPK in a consistent manner, due to the administrative sanction imposed on the company.”

Peat agency LiDAR mapping covers US company concession

“The peat agency needs to explain to the public why the Cargill concession is part of its LiDAR mapping, whereas APP-controlled concessions which were extensively burned in 2015 have not been prioritized."

BGA confirms no new peat planting in orangutan habitat

“BGA can confirm that it will not be undertaking new peat planting for new palm oil plantations in the PT DAS concession, either in peat protection or cultivation zones.”

Peat agency gets 'bonus' from budget cut

Basically, the peat agency actually benefits from the budget cut from the perspective of its budget absorption level. The argument is that without the budget cut, the peat agency would only have spent 2.93% of its budget...

Govt rejects company’s request to resume clearing home of orangutan

In its letter of rejection, the ministry clearly stated that the newly-revised government regulation on peat protection and management explicitly prohibits any new canal development which causes peat to dry.

Largest US corporation complies with Indonesian peat governance

“The Cargill palm oil company has submitted its peat recovery plan document to the ministry, as have some other Singapore and Malaysian-based companies such as GAR, RGE and IOI."

APP’s business transformation not substantial, monitoring finds

“APP has clearly committed a grave violation. They have been proven to be replanting acacia in these peat areas which they have admitted themselves to be legally-recognized peat domes (HCV areas)..."

APRIL remains in breach of toxic waste handling rules

“The administrative sanction imposed on the APRIL company has not been lifted because the results of our supervision indicate that the company is still not yet in compliance."

Sime Darby company’s operations suspended due to illegal practices

“The actions of PT ISLM (the Sime Darby company) constitute a serious legal violation because illegal (forest) clearance outside of its concession is clearly not aligned with..."

Minister finds lack of seriousness from APP in peat governance

“APP clearly lacks seriousness in implementing the new peat regulations. It turns out that the proposed 10-year work plans of the APP companies in Riau and South Sumatra provinces contain copy-paste documents."

Global campaigner urges corporations to start monitoring with ministry

“Peat monitoring, including the continuing law enforcement actions by the ministry, needs to be appreciated. These are great efforts which most certainly send an extremely good signal to the international community..."

Minister reaffirms APRIL not aligned with peat governance

“There will be no compromises for pulp and paper giants such as APRIL when it comes to compliance with the implementation of peat governance. It’s now or never. That's the message from our minister."

World’s largest palm oil trader’s supply chains linked to peat violations

In the case of Wilmar, the ministry’s findings could be used by stakeholders to illustrate that the company’s supply chains remain linked to deforestation, new peat development, and the destruction of the Bornean orangutan’s habitat.

Minister presents photos of peat violations in palm oil concession

“Law enforcement measures are being taken against the peat violations committed by the palm oil company seeing that they clearly contravene the newly-revised peat regulation signed by President Joko Widodo..."

Pulp & paper industry not to lack fiber supply in next five years

“However, within the next five years, the Indonesian pulp and paper industry will not endure a fiber supply shortage as harvesting in acacia-planted peat domes is still allowed. What is prohibited is replanting in peat domes..."

CAA palm oil company keeps expanding with peat violations

“I have instructed my law enforcement team to carry out an on-the-ground check as well as to take any necessary legal action against the palm oil company (PT AGL)."

Peat agency’s budget absorption level at 1.2% by mid-year 2017

The acceleration of peat restoration has undoubtedly been affected by the peat agency’s extremely low budget absorption level, particularly this year. The adverse effects of this situation...

No room for palm oil, mining expansion as Irwandi returns as Aceh Governor

...Irwandi of course needs to continue enforcing the moratorium imposed by his predecessor, and refrain from issuing any palm oil or mining permits as he did during his first term.

APRIL company’s legal document reinforces peat protection zones

In the legal document submitted to the ministry by the APRIL company, it is revealed that 70% of the Pelalawan estate is made up of deep-lying peat - which also usually constitutes peat domes...

Minister urges corrective action from companies in peat governance

“Concrete corrective action from forestry and palm oil companies is essential. Don’t bother giving solutions to the government which, in essence, only seek to sustain business-as-usual practices."

Decision on LiDAR mapping locations made solely by peat agency

How is it possible then for the peat agency to have compared the accuracy of its LiDAR data with, for example, the LiDAR data of pulpwood concessions under the control of APP...

NGO questions peat agency’s approach in light of LiDAR mapping

“The peat agency’s LiDAR mapping should really cover those concessions whose peatlands were extensively burned in 2015, amounting to hundreds of thousands of hectares, most notably pulpwood concessions under the control of APP."

Fire ravaged forestry concessions not covered by LiDAR mapping

The failure of the peat agency’s LiDAR mapping to cover forestry concessions seriously damaged by 2015’s peat fires means that the peat agency is unable to play any role whatsoever...

Ground inspection reveals APRIL fulfilling peat violation sanctions

“Of course we are appreciative of the compliance displayed by PT RAPP. They are a big corporation so they should be showing compliance and should not repeat any new peat violations."

Fires hit Leuser Ecosystem’s Tripa peat swamp

“At the location, the ministry team is taking appropriate law enforcement measures, including asking PT CA for clarification about the peat fires in its concession for the development of new palm oil plantations."

APP’s new canal development proposal seen as strange by Govt

“On one hand they are saying that the operations will refer to APP’s FCP, while on the other hand they are proposing that the ministry authorize the construction of new canals in peatlands..."

Indonesia unmoved by US decision to withdraw from Paris Agreement

“The Indonesian government is sticking to the Paris Climate Agreement. Indonesia does not rely on the level of commitment from any other countries, including the US."

Indonesian authorities conclude Sime Darby has committed violations

The Indonesian forestry authorities uncovered these violations after conducting a ground-check of two different locations in the Sime Darby rubber concession located in the Sumatra’s Belitung island.

Minister details role of peat governance in Indonesian GDP

“The ultimate goal of these peat governance efforts is to bring about healthy and good-quality economic growth, as opposed to economic growth tainted by peat fires which cause public health problems and disturb other economic sectors.”

LiDAR mapping confirms APRIL concession lies in deep peat

“Major parts of the APRIL concession on Pulau Padang are situated in deep-lying peat. The majority of peat in the concession ranges from more than 5 meters up to 10 meters in depth."

FSC warned to respect Indonesia’s new peat regulations

“The FSC should not end its dissociation with APP until this giant corporation complies with Indonesia’s new peat regulations, especially with regard to its operations in peatlands that have been designated as protection zones."

Greenpeace comments on new canals built by APP companies

“The last evaluation of APP’s progress showed that there were still many problems and issues for APP in delivering its commitments."

APP builds new canals the length of Bonn to Brussels

“Three APP companies in South Sumatra province have reported to the ministry through their annual reports, replete with maps, that they constructed around 200km of new canals in 2015-2016."

Verification proves paper giant company developed new canals

“The two coordinate points used by APP company in its letter have been found to be wrong. As such, the company’s clarification is inconsistent with the facts on the ground."

VIDEO CLIP: Environmental activist releases new single for forests

“The initiative for the song came after the declaration of the moratorium on the expansion of palm oil and mining in the Leuser Ecosystem. To be precise, it was three days after President Jokowi announced the moratorium in mid-April last year."

Minister reaffirms backing from President on peat reforms

“President Jokowi explained that environmental and economic interests have clashed for ages, to the extent that the government felt it necessary to try and improve peat governance. This commitment has not changed."

APRIL keeps option of plantation development in peatlands on the table

“New development in peatlands - in this case a new acacia plantation - regardless of whether forested or non-forested, is no longer allowed, especially since the release of the recently-revised government regulation."

Peat agency to revise roadmap by incorporating new peat regulations

"We should be grateful that Indonesia has this recently-revised peat regulation, as it forms the backbone for peat restoration and protection, in the interests of both the public and business..."

Early indications show APRIL to be compliant with sanctions

“Major business groups like APRIL and APP should be the leaders of business transformation, not involved in peat violations."

Pulp giant delivers progress report to ministry on waste removal

“The APP company has given us a progress report, which includes photos of their handling of this waste. The photos they submitted show that these huge stacks of waste have been cleaned up."

Stakeholders told about mistakenly-uploaded peat restoration roadmap

It is crucial for the (real) roadmap document to be made available so as to give all relevant stakeholders some insight into the peat agency’s restoration plans for 2016 to 2020.

Legal measures taken against palm oil company fragmenting peat forests

“There needs to be a common understanding that any party committing peat violations will find no defense or compromise from the President Joko Widodo administration...”

First violator of new peat regulations caught red-handed in GSK landscape

“The facts are clear. The company has been caught red-handed carrying out peat violations. It’s impossible to defend companies like this which commit peat violations as if they don’t know...”

Ministry regrets baseless claim about unannounced inspection

“I have absolutely no knowledge of the report on PT MPK. Indeed, I’ve never even seen it or met with them to discuss any such report. The statement in the press release is really just an empty claim.”

Minister decides to review logging permit in Bornean orangutan habitat

“As a legal consequence of the designation of the majority of the PT MPK logging concession as peat protection zones, the permit granted to the company needs to be reviewed.”

Acacia removed in Kampar Peninsula after inaction by pulp giant

“Don’t even try to commit any peat violations. Also, don’t expect any tolerance from the ministry. There will be absolutely no room for compromise in this matter.”

Minister stops peat violations in Bornean orangutan habitat

“I have already ordered an end to PT MPK’s operations due to its peat violations. We are currently investigating this case.”

Sanction imposed on APRIL for 2016 peat fires yet to be lifted

“This sanction is still in force and has yet to be lifted. There is still one more condition that has yet to be met by PT RAPP.”

Astra retains link to supplier with ‘busy years ahead’ clearing Papua's forest

“Astra’s failure to implement its own policy is unacceptable and demonstrates that nice policies are not enough.”

Lesson learned report needed from GAR despite constructive response

“We do agree that lessons need to be learned from the experiences of GAR, and other companies, in terms of how best to achieve a balance between economic growth and..."

Independent audit essential to learn truth about loss of HCS forest, says NGO

Almost all of the forest stratified as high carbon stock (HCS forest) which predominates in a palm oil concession block belonging to PT PIP, a subsidiary of Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), has been lost...

Caught red-handed, APP company orders an end to burned peat replanting

When this important finding was uncovered, a top executive of PT BAP who was present at the scene immediately ordered his team to stop the development of the burned peat...

Most NGOs react strongly to poor level of paper giant’s legal compliance

“The mere fact that there were massive peat fires in 2015 in APP concessions indicates the failure of the FCP. Moreover, the replanting of burned peat shows that APP’s FCP actually involves..."

Minister gets tough on implementing President’s peat regulatory reforms

“Any feedback and perspectives that do not support peat regulatory reforms and are geared towards returning to a regime of business-as-usual practices have been rejected out of hand."

Giant pulp mill caught red-handed committing waste management violations

“APP is a big name, but even its management of waste does not conform to legal standards. All this piled-up garbage has been thrown away in peatlands. This is a clear violation."

Hard evidence exposes manipulation of pulp giant’s company letter

“Just imagine if the ministry hadn’t checked the location? The ministry would have merely received the letter from the top PT BAP executive whose contents don’t match the facts on the ground.”

Symbolic removal of acacia marks new era of peat-related law enforcement

“This was not a sudden move on the ministry’s part. In fact, we gave the company two whole months to comply with our minister’s order. However, they never took any real action.”

NGO coalition raises concerns about bureaucracy, ministry responds with evidence

...any pertinent concerns about the acceleration of peat restoration should be directed at those behind the delay in the completion of the peat restoration plan.

Pulp giant company returns permit after uncontrolled peat fires exposed

“Did APP simply return the permit and afterwards neglect any responsibility it has towards peat restoration after the peat fires in the PT BMH concession?"

Second video reemphasizes untrue claims unhelpful in preventing peat fires

This second video from the ministry indicates that no real peat restoration interventions on the ground were undertaken by the peat agency over the course of last year in 2015’s burned peatland areas.

Peat agency falls short of professional standards by failing to cite key data source

“The peat agency needs to be fair and honest. It is obligatory for data sources to be provided, no matter what the publication, both in a legal sense and in terms of the principles of good governance."

Photos of 2015’s burned peat in pulp giant concessions reinforce President’s warning

President Joko Widodo emphasized that when it comes to law enforcement, there is absolutely no room for compromise on issues related to forest and land fires.

Video reveals threat of peat fires from targeted peat restoration areas

“The ground checks conducted by the ministry were intended to confirm the level of peat restoration interventions claimed by the peat agency in anticipation of peat fires in 2017..."

Environmental NGOs call on APP not to continue operations in drained peatlands

Mainly due to 2015's catastrophic fires, which largely derived from pulpwood concessions belonging to APP, a lot of pressure has been put on this pulp & paper company, including from environmental NGOs.

Govt cracks down on five more APP peat violators, bringing total to eight

The total number of APP companies ordered to remove all their newly-replanted acacia by the Indonesia's Environment and Forestry Minister, due to peat violations they have committed, now stands at eight.