VIDEO CLIP: Environmental activist releases new single for forests

(foresthints.news) - Inspired to give voice to her deep desire to see Indonesia’s remaining forests preserved, environmental activist Vanda Mutia Dewi has used her singing talent to convey some of her major concerns in a song titled single “Tak Banyak Pembela”, or in English “So Few Defenders”.

Senior Indonesian musician Harry Sabar Tobing is the composer of the song, which was created by him together with Vanda. It was produced by Jakarta-based ZZI Studio and released in early May this year.

“The initiative for the song came after the declaration of the moratorium on the expansion of palm oil and mining in the Leuser Ecosystem. To be precise, it was three days after President Jokowi announced the moratorium in mid-April last year,” Vanda - who is the current Executive Director of Greenomics Indonesia - told foresthints.news on Friday (May 5) in Jakarta.

The video clip of the song - featured below - was completely filmed in the Leuser Ecosystem.

Vanda laments that despite the declaration of the moratorium in the Leuser Ecosystem, forest clearance continues to some extent in this unique area considered to be the last place on earth for numerous key wildlife habitats.

“These destructive practices constitute violations of the moratorium," she added.

Vanda went on to highlight how unfortunately the supply chains of Wilmar, including even Nestle, are linked to the perpetuation of destructive practices in the Leuser Ecosystem.

She further explained that Nestle, for example, has failed to deliver responsible sourcing guidelines in the Leuser Ecosystem given that it has been shown to source palm oil from a company clearing the habitat of the Sumatran elephant in the only place on earth where tigers, elephants, orangutans and rhinos still live together.

“I am personally so appreciative of the steps taken by President Jokowi and Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya, both of whom never stop trying to find ways to preserve Indonesia’s remaining forests, including by protecting vulnerable peatlands,” Vanda explained.

She pointed out that one of the key messages of the newly-released single is to keep looking for ways to make sure that Indonesia’s leftover forests and peatlands survive.

“I have huge respect for President Jokowi and Minister Siti Nurbaya as they have shown such great courage and commitment to implementing measures for the good of Indonesia’s forests and peatlands,” she enthused.

Vanda added that this new track will be followed by several other songs, which are currently in the recording process.

“Singing is one of my main hobbies, besides writing. I really want to use both to voice my concerns, particularly in support of government policies that are pro-forest and peat,” Vanda said in conclusion.